Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen families, couples, and individuals by providing, low-cost, affordable therapeutic services.

* Marriage and Family Therapy
* Mental Health Psychotherapy
* Couples/Relationship Therapy
* Premarital Counseling

Growing Responsible Fathers and building Healthy Marriages is an important part of my pastoral service. We support the following initiatives, Healthy Marriage initiative and the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative.

Consider the following:
“We believe that a key goal of the fatherhood movement within the American community must be strengthened relationships between mothers and fathers that lead, where-ever possible, to strong, healthy marriages.”

(Turning the Corner on Father Absence – 1999 Morehouse Research Institute)

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More About Our Services

Core Competencies


Address client needs across multiple systemic contexts – individual, couple, family, community
Create key growth promoting experiences – beliefs, thoughts, actions
Evoke emotions and behaviors that inhibit or promote change
Strengthen attachment bonds
Promote healing relationships
Organize functional relationships
Teach effective communication skills
Teach effective problem solving skills
Help family members deal effectively with future challenges


The practice of marriage and family therapy means the professional application of family systems theories and social constructionist theory, principles and techniques, to treat interpersonal relationship issues; and anxiety, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and behavioral disorders. The practices includes gathering information (assessing), evaluating, diagnosing, and treating lineal significant symptoms. Dr. Lewis works to provide the highest quality care for individuals with relationship issues, mental disorders (including intellectual disabilities and substance use disorders), and their families.

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment targets those repetitive patterns and emotions that are directly related to family conflicts, behavioral problems and emotional disturbances. Interventions are solution-focused (emotional, behavior, individual, and spiritual), tailored to the unique characteristics of the individual, couple and/or family. Treatment is planned to relieve suffering, develop resiliency, and achieve attainable goals.

Fees and Insurance

The usual and customary fee for services is $75.00 for a 50-minute session. Payments are expected upon receipt of services.

Hours of Operation

Normal counseling appointment are between 9 am and 7 pm, Monday thru Friday. Weekend appointments are usually accommodated upon request.

I will not leave you orphaned: I am coming to you

John 14:18 (NRSV)